Flip For Our Top Seniors

Two of Coronado's top seniors are committed to Ivy League schools!

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Flip For Our Top Seniors

Gracie Nowlan, Co Editor-in-Chief

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Being first and third in the class of 2020 is already an accolade in itself, but both Paige Richter and Adabelle Wright are committed to Ivy League schools for gymnastics. The two young ladies have been working extremely hard all four years at Coronado, and the work has paid off as they continue to expand their education. Not only do they excel in academics, but in gymnastics as well, as the two of them have been competing and training for 14 years. 


As the first in her class, Paige Richter, 12, has earned her way into Brown University, for her numerous achievements both school and sport wise. Richter started gymnastics when she was three, and since she was nine, has been competing on the Junior Olympic Path. Her gymnastics journey has brought her a myriad of memories, one of her favorites include when she “caught this skill called a Jaeger, it was a skill that [she has] been struggling with for a really long time, so [she] remembers sitting on top of the bar, and [her] entire team was cheering for [her]. Then she went, and caught [the skill].” Being the first important skill for Ritcher to move onto the next level in gymnastics, which is the level she is at now, it was an extremely proud and memorable moment for her in her gymnastics career thus far.


For Richter, she is beginning this new chapter in her life on the East Coast, and it excites her to “venture out and try something new” and be “a part of a new team.” Along with Adabelle, the girls aim to make line ups in their college meets, and to just have fun with the experience, as well as compete in all the events. The two scholars both go on to thank Coronado for being able to accommodate their intense schedules with their necessary daily early releases for practice. 


As for Adabelle Wright, she is headed off to Cornell University and has also started in gymnastics when she was just three years old. Wright prefers to compete in floor, as it is her favorite event, and Ritcher favorites bars. Her fondest memory of gymnastics as Wright puts it is “traveling with the team and going to the meets.” Her team has a meet in Canada that Adabelle is looking forward to, and when she competed in Seattle when she was younger, it was a very memorable trip. Knowing that “the team dynamic in college is different,” and “it is all about the team and not the individual,” Wright is ecstatic for the college experience. Adabelle is planning on studying to become a doctor, and is excited for this part of her life to begin.


The two gymnasts have already made a mark with their academic and sport careers, and are looking forward to where their hard work will continue to take them. Wish them luck as they partake on this new journey in their lives, and a great congratulations is owed to them as well!

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