Preparing for College in the Fall


Aidan Janney, Staff Writer

College can be very intimidating, and applying to college is usually the most stressful and time-consuming part of junior year and senior year. One of the primary aspects that you can address at any grade level is the graduation requirements at Coronado and for whatever colleges or universities you are thinking of applying to.

The Graduation requirements changed fairly recently for the current ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders. Your school counselor most likely discussed this with you, many of the requirements involve benchmark test scores and requirements like passing Algebra 1,2 and other core classes. If you have any further questions you can consult your counselor or look at the online pamphlet from D11: Graduation Requirements which provides a full list of requirements.

Beyond graduation requirements, preparing for college can involve many other aspects. One of the primary things that you can prepare for is scholarships. Getting scholarships for college can be very important, and help you achieve your goals later on. There are a lot of different services for finding and applying for scholarships. D11 provides some resources through their website: Naviance is also a good resource with the scholarship options they provide on their website. Again, another great option is to ask your counselor if you need any more help preparing for scholarships.

There are many other steps involved in the college process and these few things are only a small part of that. But starting to prepare for college as early as possible can help reduce some of the stress involved.