Song Choices From Student Voices

This super upbeat playlist was chosen 100% by students, and there is something for everyone.


Raven Sanchez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

As some readers may have noticed, our writers have been uploading playlist articles. Making these playlists is usually an enjoyable activity for most of us because the music our writers choose is usually their own, but it is difficult to know whether those who read articles on this website are enjoying the playlists being made.

This time, however, that is not a concerning matter because this is a student-created playlist. After posting several messages on various Instagram stories and posts asking for various elements for this playlist, it is finally complete! This completely clean playlist was one hundred percent created by Coronado students, and there is something for everyone. The poll results showed that students requested an upbeat playlist, so without further ado, here is the student choice upbeat playlist:

1.Queen- Don’t Stop Me Now

2.Electric Light Orchestra- Mr. Blue Sky

3.AJR- Break My Face

4.Panic! At The Disco- High Hopes

5.Dirty Heads- Vacation

6.Demi Lovato- Confident

7.Jain- Makeba

8.Outkast- Hey Ya!

9.Baby Shark- Pinkfong

10.Houndmouth- Sedona

11.SYML- Where’s My Love

12.The Cure- Just Like Heaven

13.Young the Giant- Cough Syrup

14.Sam Smith- How Do You Sleep?

15.Khalid, Disclosure- Talk

These were all of the completely clean songs that students requested, and they can be listened to through the links below each song. Hopefully, this playlist will be great for everyone but know that requesting a song for one of the playlists our writers make is always an option for the future if anyone is unsatisfied. Enjoy!