Thanksgiving Break !!


Miles Medina, Staff Writer

As the Month of November comes down to an end. Thanksgiving Break will be upon the student and staff population soon. This week long break from school starts from November twenty third and shoots till December second. This long break from school provides a lot of opportunities for fun and festive activities. October and November are two of the most festive months of the year and they are back to back.
Some students already have some plans for break such as Nik Roberson who said” I plan on eating a lot of food and catching up on some much needed sleep. It will be a good break from all my classes to just relax and spend time with friends and family.” In another interview with Mrs. Garrison, she about what she was most excited for about Thanksgiving. She answered,” I am mostly excited to just be at home with my family, kids, and husband and having a good Thanksgiving dinner.” For the majority everyone is looking forward to some quality time with family and friends. Use the time off for rest and quality time with the loved ones around you.

Fun activities to do during the break:
-The Turkey Predict Fun Run!
The Turkey Predict Fun Run is one of the most anticipated seasonal activities. No matter what age or skill level of running they each participant in each run who predict closest to their predicted finish time will receive a full-sized frozen turkey.However, there is a limit of one turkey per family.
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-The Turkey Trot 5k run! The Briargate Family YMCA is hosting a Turkey Trot 5K Fun Run in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Turkey Trot 5K is a fun run for people of all ages and running skill level. It is an eagerly anticipated Holiday event of the season and is one of the main fundraisers for the YMCA. This fundraiser enables us to provide scholarships to local families in need, which allow them to use to our programs and our facility.
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