Alien Invasion


Adelyn Nowlan, Staff Writer

According to scientists, aliens could be more common than we thought. Unfortunately, extraterrestrial life would inhabit a far away and different star system.

This new study predicts a planet theoretically that is exactly like Earth and explored how it would fit into a binary star system. Unlike our own, the planets revolve around two stars. The scientists found that in 87% of cases, the planets have a tilt similar to Earth’s. In turn, it is thought to be a similar climate that favors the birth of complex life like ours, or aliens.

These other star systems that are found throughout the universe suggest alien life would look up to see two suns in the sky. Furthermore, single star systems, like ours, are considered to be rarer than two star systems.

Scientists say, about 50% of stars have binary companion stars, so this study can apply to multiple different solar systems. The researchers began their studies by comparing Earth’s tilt to Mars’s tilt. They found the relatively different tilts on Earth make it a great place to live and thrive. On the other hand, the extreme conditions on Mars help destroy its atmosphere.

For one, Mars is an extremely cold planet with an average temperature of about negative 80 degrees. Temperatures can dip down to negative 225 degrees as well. As there are periods of warmth, they are very brief reaching temperatures of 70 degrees. To be able to live on Mars, a very warm winter jacket would be needed.

Afterward, the scientists looked at how Earth would change if it fell into the rotations of our neighboring solar system, Alpha Centauri AB. They simulated what it would be like around other binaries with multiple variations of stars and their orbital patterns. As the scientists looked further into space, they found more evidence of alien life thriving deeper into the cosmos.

In general, the separation between stars is larger the further into space get. The second star for Earth doesn’t have as large of an effect as it does in other solar systems. Hopefully, aliens come to Earth and communicate to make life a little more interesting.