How to Survive the Winter (Finals)

These five tips might just make getting through finals a little bit easier for everyone and much more stress free!

How to Survive the Winter (Finals)

Raven Sanchez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

As the end of the semester rapidly approaches, some students may already be hearing their teachers talk about how finals week is just around the corner. As upsetting as it is to admit, those teachers are correct. Finals are coming quickly whether students are ready for them or not. These last few weeks will only become more hectic and stressful as they pass by. Unfortunately, there is no way to keep the end of the semester from being stressful, but there are some ways to keep the stress to a minimum. Some students may already know how to do this, but students who do not may find the rest of this article to be helpful. All students deserve to stress less when it comes to finals, so here are five great ways to keep the stress away.

1. Sleep. This may be an obvious necessity when it comes to finals week, but no one ever seems to get enough of it. Teenagers need eight to ten hours of sleep every night, and this number can be achieved by making sure to set schoolwork cut off time each night. This time should be about thirty minutes before going to bed, and it should not include electronic devices. This will help to ensure that the sleep students are getting is sound and beneficial. Students should calculate their sleep before setting this cut off time so they are on track to get everything done but are still able to get at least eight hours. It may seem like an annoying burden at first to calculate sleep, but it will be helpful in the long run.
There are some students out there who do have trouble sleeping for other reasons. This does not really apply to them because those other reasons make it hard enough to sleep as it is. All these students should focus on is getting some amount of sleep. If that means missing the eight-hour minimum by a couple of hours but still getting more sleep than the previous night, that is okay. Basically, sleep is important, and all students should try to get what they can. It can make or break the amount a student is able to learn each day.
2. Do everything possible to avoid getting sick. As of right now, a horrible stomach virus is spreading around Coronado that can force even those with the strongest immune systems to be condemned to their couches and beds for weeks. Students should make sure that they are washing their hands, getting rest whenever possible, and eating. Some students do not eat as much as they should, and now is the perfect time for them to make sure that they are eating enough nutritious food. If a flu shot is something anyone has considered getting but has not had a chance to get yet, now is the perfect time to get that taken care of. It is better to keep from being sick than miss any work at this point in the semester. If anyone does get sick after taking a bunch of preventative measures, they can at least feel better knowing that they did everything they could.
3. Keep up on all the schoolwork! Tests, homework, projects, and notes are all crucial when it comes to finals. They can help with the completion of study guides and boost grades in need of some boosting. Many of the assignments teachers give out at this point in the semester are to benefit the current grades of students. The assignments that have the least point value are usually the ones meant to boost grades, so make sure to do them as well. The smaller assignments are important too, not just the massive ones.
4. Try not to cram when studying for finals. Students who have not started studying should start as soon as possible. Most students have a pretty full schedule, and it is recommended that each class gets at least an hour of attention per night. Cramming for all of those classes makes students lose sleep, and they do not actually retain much. Starting as soon as possible allows for more retention and sleep. Students may still be missing study materials as there are a few weeks until finals, but starting now with what has already been provided will be beneficial in the end.
5. Take a break once in a while because it will cause less stress. If the study schedules students make for themselves are not being followed like they want them to be, they usually panic. Do not make such a strict schedule and make sure the schedules that are made allow flexibility to happen. While it is important to study hard, it is difficult to do so when studying makes students overwhelmed. Grades are important, but self-care is also important. Taking time to destress and it will make finals much less overwhelming in the end. When taking a break, avoid social media because it is one of the most stressful things ever and will not help with anything but fear of missing out. Take a nap, drink some tea, or meditate if that is enjoyable. Anything that can be done to avoid stress is worth taking a study break for.

Finals can be a stressful few days, but everyone ends up surviving in the end. These tips may be able to make them a little easier… Everyone will make it out alive and will be even more excited for the long break that will come after the weekends. Good luck on finals for this semester, Cougars! Everyone will do a great job and remember that support is always available if needed!