Cougars Care Recap


Spencer Stepp, Staff Writer

Cougars Care was extremely successful this year, and brought in 2500 pounds of food and nearly $4000 worth of donated money. A big congratulations and thank you to everyone who helped out in this amazing endeavor. Words can only describe the amazing work that is done by Mr. Urban and company, so here are some pictures to better describe the magnitude of the work that was done.

Ali Kazemi, one of the leaders for this project said that the drive “Went great and went very smooth. We all had a great time and the competition worked well, and raised over four grand, so that was good.”

Next year, students and staff alike can all hope that the drive goes even better than this year. On this matter, Ali said that “If everything is done the same with the competition, we will be able to bring more food in. I also think that we should do more events like the basketball game.”

If people want to get involved they can either talk to the new chair, join cougars care, join STUCO, or talk to Mr. Urban in rm. 111.

Coronado is an amazing community where students and teachers come together to do something truly incredible. With the help of all the people who pitched in this year, Coronado was able to provide food and clothing for families in need. This is the spirit that makes Coronado a great place for everyone.

Nice job cougars!