Students: Get Driven to Donate!

The last day for the toy drive is rapidly approaching, so donate now or never!


Raven Sanchez, Co- Editor-In-Chief

If anyone has any interest in giving anything to the toy drive, they have until this Friday to get their donations to room 255. As of right now there are no more children available to shop for, but anyone who has a name and wants to donate has only a couple of days left.

Keep in mind that some teachers are giving extra credit for these donations, and some even let their students partner up and shop for extra credit. These may just be the last opportunities that students have to get extra credit before finals start, so taking them is a great idea! If anyone is not sure about where their teachers stand with extra credit it is best to talk to them and fins out for sure.

Even if extra credit is not up for grabs for some, this toy drive is a fantastic cause that needs all the help it can get. The holidays can be an unenjoyable time for many people. This cause can help alleviate some of the stress of making the holidays a great time for all. The donations made can give a child the holiday season they dream of. Many students enjoy the holidays every year, and spreading some joy so that others can feel some also can be the best feeling in the world for everyone involved!

Monetary donations are also accepted, but students must act fast! Visit room 255 by this Friday, and help give a family an amazing holiday season!