February FAFSA Workshop


Emily Sutton, Staff Writer

It’s time to get the ball rolling Seniors! The FAFSA deadline is approaching quickly. Now, we know that the FAFSA is excruciatingly complicated and terribly lengthy. But if any of you want help I have just the thing for you. On February 5th at 5 pm, there will be a FAFSA workshop in the Media Center. You will be able to learn all about the FAFSA and get all the help you need to finish your application.

Some of you may still be wondering what the FAFSA is, so please allow me to enlighten you. The FAFSA is actually an acronym, it stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA helps colleges decide whether or not someone is eligible to receive federal aid based on how much your parents will be able to contribute to your next year of education, also known as EFC, Expected Family Contribution. The EFC is based on income and assets. So, make sure to ask your parents for all of their tax records from the past year. You will also need your social security number and your birth certificate or alien number to fill out the application. You will also need to ask your parents questions about their marital status, housing status, and whether or not they went to and/or finished college.

So make sure to go to the FAFSA workshop, on February 5th at 5 pm, if you want some help getting started or finishing your FAFSA.

If you want to learn more information, here is the source I used while writing this article.