Senior Superlatives for 2020 Announced

You know, the most-likelies.


Your voices have been heard.  Here are the winners for the class of 2020 senior superlatives.  Congrats to all the winners and condolences to the rest….


Biggest Procrastinators: Ethan Ocken and Indie Ross

Future Activists: Olivia Lawler and Ellie Myers

Biggest Hearts: Bethany Dale and Mohss Schwamman

Biggest Teacher’s Pets: Lauren Gryboski and Giada Hulsey

Worst Drivers: Tyler Barnett and Gina Dezwaan

Worst Cases of Senioritis: Kris Batanero and Tehya Nielsen

Most Changed since Freshman Year: Ben Hayes-Lemmon, Aden Graves Muth and Val Griesan

Biggest Flirts: Tyler Evans and Marco CT

Most Involved: Abby Gerber and Natalie Rieck

Most Athletic: Alison Ambuul and LaDarius Mays

Most Likely to be Presidents: Eric White and Grace Abernethy

VSCO Queens: Keegan Hartman and Taylor Phillips

Most Likely to Cause a Scene: Nora Brachtenbach and Annalea Kulbiski

Most Likely to Come Back and Teach at Coronado: Laura Roeder and Ajani Buckhanan

Born in the Wrong Decade:Dillon Turner and Raven Swindoll

Most Likely to Retire by 30: Scott Harvey and Paige Richter

Most Likely to Cure Cancer: Mark Bloomfield and Bryce Van Caster

Most Likely to Be Late to Their Own Wedding: Angel Romero and Marco Sorrels

Most Likely to Be on the Cover of Vogue: Gabe Serna and Anna Griffin

Most Likely to Relive HS for the Next 30 Years: Jack Van Lancker and Christian Wales

Most Granola: Zoe Gross and Charlie Schroeder

Most Likely to Be Internet Famous: Aiden Torres and Cassie Eling

Most Likely to Win a Grammy: Josh Cheek and Twain Slayter

Most Likely to Make You Laugh: Spencer Murray and Randy Dirocco

Best All-Around: Alex Costa, Lauren Strizich, Lily Griesan and Gabe Maldonado