Eighth Grade Open House is Coming!

The future starts now!


Raven Sanchez, Editor-In-Chief

Most students at Coronado High School have a solid idea of what this school is like every day, but there are some incoming students that most likely have no idea what to expect. Some of them may already have experienced high school before they came here, but the following information is for the students who have not. Most of the incoming freshmen probably do not read these articles yet, but hopefully, they have siblings who do. If anyone reading this has a younger sibling who will be an incoming freshman next year, this information is important.

Most CHS students remember being considered incoming freshmen and having so many questions about high school. Every student who is preparing for high school usually feels some sort of fear, and if they do not Zac Efron probably has something to do with it.

While it can also be a way of teaching these future students that High School Musical will not be their life for the next four years, Eighth Grade Open House has many other benefits as well. Eighth Grade Open House is a fantastic way to help answer any questions these incoming freshmen may have, lessen their fear of being in high school, and give them a glimpse of all of the wonderful opportunities CHS has to offer.

This year, Eighth Grade Open House will take place on January 28th from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. All parents of incoming freshmen are welcome to come and learn more about Coronado, and they are encouraged to bring their children to come and experience open house for themselves.
If parents want a great seat in the auditorium for the opening and warm welcome, they can come at 5:40 and will be able to hear the Jazz Band play.

After the introduction, parents and their students will be able to learn more about Coronado’s strong academics, exceptional performing and visual arts, incredible athletics, and enjoyable clubs. More information about the academic programs that will be discussed at this event, as well as directions to CHS, can be found in the link below.

Overall, the Eighth Grade Open House will be extremely beneficial if attended. One of the best ways for people to see what Coronado is like is through experiencing it firsthand. This is the only time this can be done before the start of the school year, and it will definitely be two hours well spent.

More information about this event can be found here: