Stefon Montoya Takes Down Wrestling Season


Emily Sutton, Staff Writer

Unfortunately, wrestling season is rapidly coming to an end. Luckily, the Cougar Daily was able to get an interview with Junior Varsity wrestler and senior, Stefon Montoya!

Montoya told us he has been wrestling since he was four years old, and he was inspired to become a wrestler by his uncle, who was a wrestler before him. Montoya said, “I need to work on my endurance and my stamina. I need to be able to keep my breathing steady. I’ve learned a lot of moves during this season because I was able to work with many different people,” which has helped him this season and should help him in the future.

He, also, commented on the wonderful comradery of his team. “The coaches are always there for us and want to see us improve. They always talk to us after matches to tell us what we should improve on and what we did well during our match. My teammates help too, they always encourage me and teach me some things as well.” Montoya shared his thoughts about the future of the wrestling team, “Coronado has a great wrestling team and I feel like it’s going to thrive after the Seniors leave this year.” He believes that many of the JV members will move up to Varsity next year.

All of the wrestlers on the teamwork exceptionally hard to win and make the school proud. The Coronado wrestling team deserves an extensive amount of support which will hopefully be given to them for many years to come.

Have a great rest of your season Cougars!