CHS: The End (of Ice Hockey’s Season) is Near!

Come and watch their final game of the season!

Raven Sanchez, Editor-In-Chief

Coronado’s stellar Ice Hockey team will play their last game of the season on February 22nd! The team has had five league wins and five league losses. Their overall season standings equate to six wins and six losses total.

They will be playing Cheyenne Mountain, a team that currently has a four win streak. They have an overall standing of eight wins and eight losses. Cheyenne Mountain is definitely a strong team, but Coronado will put up a fight and be a worthy opponent for them.

Coronado’s last game was a loss against Glenwood Springs with a final score of 10-0, but they had two wins in a row before playing this last game. It is difficult to tell whether Coronado will win or lose this game, but their determination to win will make this a game worth watching and will greatly benefit this team when they hit the ice.

With two strong teams playing head to head, this could be anyone’s game. That means that CHS’s athletes need as much support as possible. The best way to give this support is to attend this game. It will be held at Honnen and will begin at 4. Come and help these amazing hockey players make this last game a win!