Saber Arts


Taylor Aguilera, Staff Writer

Clubs – Coronado seems to have quite a good amount of them, it’s a wonder why not everyone is part of some club. Saber Arts, being one of these many clubs at our school, is specifically dedicated to the art of lightsaber battling, hence ‘Saber Arts’. A lightsaber, in the chance that you don’t know, is a in simple terms a sword made out of plasma from the mega franchise that is known as Star Wars.

Noah Robbins, the captain of the Saber Arts club, took interest in the art of lightsaber battling. “I was interested in lightsaber dueling when I was younger. Then I learned that there was a sport with technique and forms to lightsaber dueling itself. You get a certain number of points depending on where you hit your opponents. I also just thought that there might be other people out there who are interested”

Though it’s only Noah, Ian Palmer and the club’s sponsor,Ms.Jacobs’ , the club is a positive environment. “It’s based on your skill level but you are still learning in it, via yourself. We want to hang some posters though, to get more people.”

Of course we had to ask them what their favorite lightsaber is. Noah started with the saber staff but he also favors the Siths lightsaber, and Ian prefers Obi Wans’ lightsaber.

The president of the club was worried about communication with security but in the end they were willing to reconcile “At the beginning of the semester I talked to Ms.Jacobs. She was willing to advise the club. Then I talked to security, they were willing as long as people weren’t swinging them around while going about their day. That’s why they have to be put in room 214. Other than that, they were ok with the idea.”

To the people out there wanting to join Ian and Noah are completely welcome. “To anyone wanting to join, I’d be willing to teach them.” Noah and Ian also made it clear that you have no need to buy an expensive lightsaber, however the cheaper ones do tend to break easier.

The club meets every Monday from 3:05 to around 4:15, come in have fun with lightsaber dueling and discuss Star Wars!