Make a Mark, Buy a Bed!

…and maybe a massage chair too.


Raven Sanchez, Editor-In-Chief

Everyone uses a mattress, and mattresses should be replaced every ten years. Spending a whole day shopping for the perfect mattress in a massive showroom after that ten years is tedious and boring, but Coronado’s Choir Program can fix that.

There will be a mattress fundraiser on March 8th here at Coronado in the auditorium lobby and choir room. This location will be turned into its own mattress showroom, but it will be even better than a normal showroom because potential buyers know exactly where their money is going. All of the money will benefit choir students and will make sure that the choir program can get what it needs.

The mattresses are the same quality that can be bought in stores, and there will be over twenty name brand models sold. In addition, buyers can also purchase a variety of accessories and other products at this event. They can expect to see massage chairs, frames, pillows, and adjustable beds like those cool ones in the commercials. The best part is that they all cost less than they would in stores and still have a factory warranty on them. All of this will also be delivered to the buyer’s home as well once they are purchased. All forms of payment are accepted, and there are financing options available for those who may need them.

The students will definitely benefit from selling these mattresses, but there are added benefits for buyers as well. If a specific student gives out a flyer with their name on it and their name is mentioned when the purchase is being made there is a coupon that can be used with it.

For clarification or more information, text CORONADO to 484848, email [email protected], or come to the fundraiser! It will only be March 8th from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M., so spread the word and come support Coronado’s awesome Choir Program!