Keeping Up With E-Learning


Gabriel Maldonado, Staff Writer

With the sudden changes in the world, the change to E-Learning might just feel like another overwhelming change. However, if students can just ensure they are prepared for the shift and keep up with the work, it can actually prove to be a relaxing temporary alternative to regular school! Here is how students can ready for the transition to online learning:

  1. Access and regularly check school email. Students can access student emails via the Coronado website under the students tab, or simply go to and log in. Additionally, students can have the convenience of checking their emails on their phones and receiving notifications by downloading the Microsoft Outlook app from the Google Play or Apple App Store and signing in to their school email. From there, students should enable notifications. This way they can stay more directly updated. Sign in using a D11 email account, which is [email protected] and their network password; the same used to sign into computers at school.
  2. Make sure to check Schoology. Many teachers are going to be using Schoology to upload assignments and resources, so students should check it periodically. It can be found on the Coronado website or to directly sign in. Additionally, there is an app that can be downloaded on the respective app stores. Sign in using a D11 username and network password.
  3. Sign into any individual websites teachers use, and make sure to check their individual plans and instructions. If a teacher has Remind, make sure to sign up for texts that they send out.
  4. Utilize task lists to keep organized. Students can use apps like Microsoft Todo, Reminders, or other note apps that have checklists to keep track of what assignments need to be done, or they can simply use a good old fashioned paper planner. Organization is essential when doing learning individually at home.

The shift to E-Learning may seem difficult, but as long as students remain organized it may prove to be a good alternative to school until classes return to normal. Just enjoy the opportunity to do work in pajamas!