A Deja Vu Year

More changes, more covid


Gracie Nowlan, Editor-In-Chief

This fluctuating outcomes of this year seem to be going in circles; a cycle of positives and negatives as the year goes on. But, as the end of the school year comes closer, deja vu seems to strike the students and staff once again. Just a few days into Season D sports, and the teams are already forced to stop their practices, tournaments, meets, and matches. Once again, the administration claims that we will be back in-person, and back to sports in two-weeks, but those claims sound all too familiar. Before we know it, two-weeks could turn into the rest of the school year. The constant shifts in schedules, events, and activities can take a tremendous toll on those affected, and it can be so difficult to keep positive during these times. It’s as if another year has gone down the drain for some, and another year of seniors have missed out on the fun.

Luckily, Coronado’s staff has been very aware of the challenges both mentally and emotionally for their students, and have done a great job at building their at-school support systems, as well as being extremely understanding about how to assign homework, tests, etc. Especially knowing that learning in the changing environments is not something every student can do well, both the students and staff have adapted as well as they possibly can.

With everything constantly changing, it is tiring getting your hopes up about a fun event or sport, and then being disappointed when plans suddenly change. The emotional toll on those involved is not something to be taken likely; everyone handles and deals with their emotions differently, and it is crucial to value how each and every person is feeling. If you, or anyone you know is struggling during these times, it is important to find someone you trust to talk to, and hopefully help handle the stress and feelings that are inevitable. Coronado has many amazing counselors that are always available to talk, as well as any teachers that you get along well with, and trust, will always be happy to talk. Finding new hobbies, and activities to help take your mind off of the rest of the world for a bit, are helpful ways to aid in coping with the outcomes of the year. There are may outlets for students to reach out to in order to get through the rest of the year while making the best of it.

It has been difficult, but we’re almost there Cougars! Stay strong and positive, we’ve got this!