Rocky Mountain Quiz Kids Team

Alexandra Micci

Congratulations to Coronado’s Quiz team for winning their very first match in the Rocky
Mountain Quiz Kid Trivia show. The team is made up of a group of four boys competing in a
trivia show for a shot to potentially win scholarship money.

This Competition took place on Sunday, February 19th, at the Fox21 studio, and out of 32 teams,
Christian Moro, Judson Brau, Jack Conley, and Cary Kraemer worked as a team to defeat the
other schools, winning their first match.

Jack and Cary say that “Overall, there are 32 teams, but when you go into competition you’re
only going against one team…It’s like a ladder, it’s based on elimination, so there’s 16 teams,
then you play again to 8, then 4, and 2.”