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  • Chamber and Symphonic Orchestra Concert on May 8th at 7:00pm in the Coronado Auditorium
  • Graduation Rehearsal on Monday, May 20th. Arrive no later than 10:15 at Colorado College Ed Robson Arena, Class of 2024.
  • Clothes Bin is Partnering with Coronado to Recycle Old Clothes in Parking Lot
  • Because of AP Testing, the Library will be closed intermittently until May 24th.
The Student News Site of Coronado High School

The Cougar Daily

The Student News Site of Coronado High School

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The Future of Technology: AI

Inside of AI

We are made to create and design, so what will happen when something else can too? The most recent and popular piece of technology has launched, AI. “Artificial intelligence is a field of computer science that focuses on creating intelligent machines. These machines are designed to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence.” Nicole Laskowski, Tech Target in November 2023 stated. AI has been developed through decades of research and technological advancements.
How can it help us? AI has the potential to greatly impact our future in many ways. It can help us solve complex problems, improve efficiency in various industries, and enhance our daily lives. For example, AI can assist in early disease detection and personalized treatment plans in healthcare. AI can also optimize traffic flow and improve safety. In general, it can revolutionize education, entertainment, and even environment sustainability.
What might be the negative impacts of this? AI is designed to a certain algorithm. The creators design the AI to think a certain way, while most creators try to make it think in multiple perspectives. There will be some creators who will make the AI one-sided and bias towards one view. AI hacking or even virtual terrorism can also happen. We may become more reliable on AI than we should. We can lose passion and just let the technology do all the work without care.
Our brains no longer seem to think for themselves; instead, we let our phones do the thinking. According to Mr. Cox, “We have advanced extremely but there is still so much we have not explored; this is just the beginning.” Some may see this as fascinating while others fear this. No one truly knows what will happen in the future. The possibilities are endless.

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Yajaira is a junior this year at Coronado. She enjoys reading books, listening to music, and writing. She is looking forward to passing the SATS and getting done with them. Yajaira is very passionate about animals, nature, and traveling. She cannot wait for what this year has in store for her.

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