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The Student News Site of Coronado High School

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The Student News Site of Coronado High School

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Cougars in the Books: Teens and Reading

Mavey Tellup
Emily park reading a book near bear creek park

In the quiet library, behind the books, students from Coronado can be found. Frequent reader and student at Coronado, Mia Smith, Class of 2026, comments, “I believe that students should read more. I read a lot on my own time and at school. I enjoy it a lot and I do think that it can sharpen the IQ. I like to read in libraries and read at home in bed or at my desk. I get at least a couple hours of reading time each day from both home and school.” Reading can be found enjoyable by students whether at home or school.

Teachers share the same views, but do they feel the same. Librarian at Coronado Mary Troublefield, states, “Teens should read more. I think everyone should read more! Books are amazing objects that can teach us new things, take us to places we cannot always get to in person, and expand our ability to understand other people’s lives. Your mind is opened when you open a book!” You can lose yourself in books, but find yourself there too.

According to teachers, the teenage brain is affected by reading. Librarian at Coronado Mary Troublefield, states, “Reading an actual book is very relaxing, easier on the brain than anything electronic, and teaches a person to slow down. There is so much data that teens today are responsible for knowing and responding to…. CONSTANTLY! When you read a book, especially when it’s for pleasure, times slows down.” Books provide enjoyment and fun, but that’s not all that’s done.

Teens actually do read a lot more than we think! Mary Troublefield, says, “Students come into the library beginning around 6:40am and continuously until around 4:00pm when we close. (3:30 on Fridays) They also come in for different reasons, but we have books checked out periodically all day long. Sometimes they come in for a completely different reason and leave with a checked-out book.” The library serves as a peaceful place to read but that isn’t all to it!

Coronado’s library can be quite relaxing for students, Emily Park, Class of 2027, comments, “The library is a calm place that I go too to relax and do homework or read, where it’s quiet and more soothing than any other place in the school and free snacks.” It’s a comfortable, nice, and focused learning environment for students to learn and study.

The library at Coronado serves as a valuable haven for students, fostering a love for reading and providing a peaceful environment for learning and relaxation. Both students and teachers recognize the numerous benefits of reading, from expanding knowledge to offering mental respite in a fast-paced world. Despite the prevalence of electronic distractions, the library remains a hub of activity, with students actively engaging with books and finding happiness in its calming atmosphere. This testimony underscores the enduring importance of libraries in promoting literacy and well-being among the youth.

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Mavey Tellup, Writer

Mavey is a freshman at Coronado High School; She enjoys skateboarding, writing, volleyball and gaming. She is interested in joining the law and military.

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