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App of the month: Snapchat

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App of the month: Snapchat

Shea Ward, Staff Writer

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The Cougar Daily Journalism team has deemed Snapchat the App of the week.

For those of you who do not know, Snapchat is a social media and messaging service. It gives users easy access to communication in fun and entertaining ways. On Snapchat users can send pictures videos, and messages to friends in a much more intimate way than with texting. This appeals to people because it allows them to snap quick pictures and share them in a simple way. The app is uncomplicated and trendy.

“I love Snapchat, it’s my favorite app. I actually use Snapchat more than anything else on my phone. I like all the functions on it, the messaging, the filters, and I like the social aspect of it. It’s a really entertaining app to use. I can see what my friends are up to, and get information on big events just with using Snapchat. I like the new filters you can apply to yourself that make your face look different too. I like the new updates it has recently come out with, and I am actually a little excited to see some new features,” said Madison Dobson, 9

The app has recently updated, supporting multiple new features. The newest fad on Snapchat are the filters users can apply to their pictures. Specifically, most users enjoy the new Face Swap filter. So if you love goofing around with your friends and broadcasting it on social media, Snapchat is definitely the app for you!
Happy Snapchatting!

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App of the month: Snapchat