Students “Defy Gravity” for Spirit Week

Homecoming spirit week got Cougars ready to show off all their school pride.


Bekah Redinger

Coronado’s halls often fill with students, diverse in personality and dress. During spirit days, however, Coronado’s halls are filled with students celebrating the unity that comes with being a part of this school.


On Monday for “ruby red, white, and blue” day, all the most patriotic students showed up in their American flag colors. Flags, face paint, beads, and other spirited articles abounded, showing off all the freedom of our nation.


Tuesday, Cougars showed their true alliances, or dressed as their opposite, for “If I only had a brain” mathlete vs. athlete day. Some students showed off how much brain they had, while others were left wishing they had one.


Most people might have noticed junior Derek Hernandez walking around in some of the most creative getups of the week. He said that Tuesday was his favorite of the spirit days because, “It was fun to style my hair in a different way and come to school looking totally different and have no one say anything about it.”


Wednesday made everyone wonder “which witch is which?” as students across Coronado dressed just like each other, or as an actual witch!


Coronado students left Colorado for a day for a touristy and out-of-state theme day, representing any state or country besides our colorful home state.

Showing off her pride for Arizona, Hailey Grais, 9, said “You get to show your different colors if you’re from out of state or if you’ve been to  different states, you can wear the places you’ve been.” On why Thursday was her favorite spirit day, she added, “I think it’s just you get to show who you are and your travel experience.”


Looking forward to Friday, we return back to our school for MADD red and gold day, because there really is “no place like home.”


All of this is done with homecoming, Coronado spirit, and unity in mind. So get out there and show your school pride!