I CAN’T Wait for ICAP

Hannah Besse, Staff Writer

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The ICAP is a recent addition to Coronado’s graduation requirements as well as the requirements for non-seniors, but it is still a mystery to many who are supposed to complete it. So what is ICAP? It stands for Individual Career Academic Plan and Ms. McElvogue, the counselor for last names A-Cl, stated that “…it’s about having a plan after high school…”   whether that be college, entering the workforce, or joining the military. Many are under the impression that the ICAP is only for seniors, but it is now a part of every grades’ curriculum. This program was put into place just last year at Coronado, but it still had a few rough edges; the 2017-2018 school year is the first year that the ICAP is a graduation requirement for seniors and a program implemented into 9th, 10th, and 11th grades.

Most of the data from ICAP is stored on a program called Naviance. The purpose is to build a portfolio over the four years of high school and based on that information, hopefully develop a plan for after high school. Through Naviance students can search colleges and scholarships as well as other tools designed to prepare students for after high school.

Freshmen, before many have even began thinking about college or a career, must set an objective goal for their 9th grade year in their Naviance Portfolio, begin looking into career interests, learn how competitive they are for colleges in Colorado and across the nation, and update their four year plan of study for their sophomore year.

During their sophomore year, students focus again on updating their goals on Naviance, review Concurrent Enrollment and extended study options in District 11, and take the PSAT in April. Additionally, in the fall, sophomores attend the Annual Career Fair which shows them various career options in the area. In their Naviance account, they then complete and save the Game Plan survey, do a college search, save interests, and update their four year plan for their 11th grade year with their counselor.

Junior year, arguably the most important year in high school, brings many new responsibilities and requirements. During their 11th grade year, students must again add an objective goal and complete the College Super Match on their Naviance account, and save three schools or programs of interest.  Additionally, in the spring, juniors learn about SAT Prep materials offered through both Naviance and Kahn Academy, and they then take the SAT in April. Towards the end of the year, students will again meet with their counselors to revise their four year plan and prepare for their senior year.

And finally senior year, the moment everyone has been awaiting and preparing for since freshman year arrives. This is when all the pieces from all four years of high school come together and hopefully help a student in choosing colleges, careers, or even just interests. Again, students update and complete their resume and add a goal for their 12th grade year on Naviance, and complete a college, trade, military, or workforce application. Then, beginning on 10/1, the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application will open, which seniors are required to complete; the purpose of the FAFSA application is to determine students’ eligibility for financial aid in college. Finally, seniors are required to complete the College Opportunity Fund Application and apply for one or more scholarships in Naviance. Seems overwhelming! No worries, most of these tasks are completed or additional information is given during seniors’ senior meetings with counselors, which are also required. To end senior year, students will complete the senior exit survey and say adios to high school!

Coronado’s counselors and other staff members are excited to see the outcome of the ICAP program with the class of 2021 being the first graduating class to see the program through. If you have any questions or concerns about ICAP requirements or the Naviance program, go schedule a visit with your counselor, and they will get you caught up and ready for the next step of the plan!


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