Tiandrea Rice, Stafff Writer

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Finals are coming up, and studying is a big thing you need to do if you want to pass.
Finals are very important, because it can either bring you grade up or it can flunk you.

Finals schedule:
Final exam 1st Period 7:45-9:00
2nd Period 9:10-9:58
3rd Period 10:03-10:51
4th Period 10:56-11:44
5A 11:49-12:35
5B 12:24-1:10
6th Period 1:15-2:03
7th Period 2:08-2:59

Final exam 2nd Period 7:45-9:00
Final exam 3rd Period 9:10-10:25
Final exam 4th Period 10:35-11:50

Final exam 5th Period 7:45-9:00
Final exam 6th Period 9:10-10:25
Final exam 7th Period 10:35-11:50

So get ready and do your best for the final exams. Good luck Cougars!