What You Should Know About the Counseling Department

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What You Should Know About the Counseling Department

Lauren Strizich, Staff Writer

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Coronado has an amazing group of counselors dedicated to helping students with problems, schedules, and college applications for Seniors. They want students to do their best and be in an environment that will support them. The counseling staff answered a few questions in the most recent department meeting. 


All the quotes are from the staff as a collective voice. 


If you’re a Senior chances are you are preparing to apply to colleges, which means application deadlines are filling up your calendar. The counselors claim “the best first step for any Senior is to see their counselor for a ‘Senior Visit’.” During this visit you can make sure you are on the path to graduate! Here’s the link to the Senior Visit form that will come in handy for your visit. 


Moving away from our Seniors, it’s important to remember that counselors are here for more than scheduling issues. They “see students for personal problems (usually daily) throughout the year” although the time of year definitely dictates why students see their counselors. Don’t be afraid to talk to your counselor! They want you to succeed in a welcoming environment and will help you if you are struggling to do that. 


The counseling staff  also wants “to direct students/parents to [the] counseling website as an additional resource. There’s a ‘Counseling’ tab at the top right of Coronado’s homepage” for easy access to their resources. They would also like to remind students to sign up for Remind. This year, each counselor has a “different Remind group for each grade level.” The codes to join the groups are posted at the bottom of the counseling website. 


The counseling staff is truly here for students. They want us to succeed more than anything and are willing to help us get to the finish line! Make sure to utilize the resources they offer and visit them if you have any personal problems, scheduling issues, or help with the college application process.  

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