KUGR TV Being Awesome


Spencer Stepp, Staff Writer

 We all know and love KUGR TV, and it is one of the things that makes our school awesome. In an email interview with Mr. Philipsen, he gave us a look behind the scenes and what the vision is behind our Wednesday staple. 

When Mr. Philipsen was asked about the direction that KUGR TV is hoping to take this year, he responded with, “We have mixed up our structure in an attempt to better cover all sports this year, which I think has been successful so far in the quality of our sports stories. We have also added the capability to live stream, so we have begun dabbling with that technology and have live-streamed a few events.” This year, the class is also more student-driven, with more and more student-led production.

The vision behind KUGR TV this year is “to create a product for the students and staff at Coronado that showcases the impressive and unique things we do here, and to do it in a creative way.” This has been a common vision ever since its beginnings in the 1990s. It was started by a teacher named Neil Posey who wanted to create a video media class in response to the growing industry at the time. 

If you have ever been curious about the work that goes into a video, ask no more! Mr. Philipsen gave a detailed outline of the process that they use for each episode of KUGR TV. “Our production schedule spans two and a half weeks (we have two teams that overlap). The first week involves brainstorming, planning, contacting, filming. The second week focuses on writing a script and editing. The final two days (of the third week) are when we film anchor and put the entire episode together.”

In the same interview, it was said that “the idea behind KUGR TV is to help students gain skills in video production.” For those of you who do not know, KUGR TV is a class in which, if you are interested, you can gain these skills. The class is technically called Advanced Video Production. However, in order to be in this class, you must first take Video Production 1. For seniors, though, if you are interested, talk with Mr. Philipsen, and with his approval, you can jump straight to Advanced Video Production. 

Next Wednesday, when you are watching KUGR TV, be sure to remember all of the hard work that went into it. If you have any additional questions, be sure to talk to Mr. Philipsen in Room 415.