The Rainbow Connection

All the cool new positivity challenges in one place, and these ones are worth trying!


Raven Sanchez, Editor-In-Chief

Not being able to leave the house much and live normal lives has made many people feel down in the dumps, but there are people out there who want to keep a little happiness going. Staying inside may make it difficult to see these little moments of happiness, but they may be right in the neighborhoods people are living in.

People all across the country are adding colorful little additions to their windows for others to enjoy when they go out for essentials. This is a new trend that a recent BBC article says involves people “creating rainbows for their windows to cheer up passers by.” Just draw or create a rainbow out of craft supplies to display and tape them in a window. This is common with children, but everyone can do it. It might even cheer up some of the children living nearby who are struggling just as much as adults are in this unpredictable time.

Rainbows may not be a desirable form of window decor for some, but there are still ways to make colorful displays that bring happiness. Hearts, thank you notes, positive messages, and many other cheerful objects can be displayed. The possibilities are endless!

People have also been writing positive messages and drawing cute pictures with chalk on their sidewalks to bring even more color to their homes. This also is a great way to give some lives a little more color in this dark part of 2020. All it takes is a few minutes of time to make something vibrant to share with others, and it can even keep the boredom away for a little while!

It is amazing just how much happiness people are sending out without the help of technology. It is extremely crucial that people find something that cheers them up right now even if it is something small. Find some ways to spread some happiness this week, and do not be afraid to experiment with some new ones. If anyone happens to take any pictures of their positive contributions and decides to post them or put them on their stories, let the Cougar Daily and the student body know! Tag the Cougar Daily (@coronado_cougar_daily) on Instagram, and there is a hashtag (#CHSRainbowConnection) that can be used as well. They may just be featured on the page, so keep an eye out! Have a great day and make sure to appreciate the little things!

In case you need some inspiration: