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The Student News Site of Coronado High School

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The Student News Site of Coronado High School

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Immigrants Make America Great

My parents in 2013

3 days walking, with barely any food. Dehydrated with the hot sun. Having to run as they saw sirens. A group of people that were heading towards the border in search for a better future. Was the sacrifice worth the risk of serious jail time?
My parents migrated here from Mexico when they were in their early 20s. Not only did my parents move here, but my aunts came here as well. My dad at first came to Tijuana and then lived in LA for two years. One day he decided to go to San Diego and brought my mom there. My siblings and I were born and raised in San Diego until August of 2019. Throughout their years here my parents were not always welcomed. One time my dad got racially profiled and was sent back to Mexico; however, he crossed the border once again. Racism is sadly a common thing, especially against immigrants which seems to grow.
My mom expressed one instance of such racism: “One time when I was shopping, I did not have any money, so I used food stamps to buy food. As I was getting my food stamps behind me, a lady said, ‘This is how they are.’ I ignored the comment, but I carried it throughout the day.”
While racist encounters do happen, my parents do not hold any negative grudges and are proud to live here. My dad explained his strong positive feelings about America, “I do consider myself a US citizen. I have always paid the bills in time. Never had a problem with the law or have never asked for any kinds of money from the government. I have always respected the country. I am happy and glad I came here. I have spent more than half of my life living here.”
How do immigrants make America great? Without immigrants, this country would simply fall apart. Immigrants are the backbone of this country. If anyone simply looked around their surroundings, they would not notice it at first, but immigrant’s hard work is all around you. How do vegetables and fruits get into stores? Undocumented workers pick out those crops for hours in the hot sun. How did anyone’s house or even buildings get built? Most construction workers are immigrants, who spend their days and nights, sweating, not complaining, so anyone could sit cozy in their own home.
In Florida, a strict anti-immigration bill passed: Senate Bill 1718. In response to this bill, many undocumented workers quit their jobs and left Florida.
To hate someone because they came here in the hope of a better future is stupid, and it doesn’t make sense. No one wants to be treated like nothing. If we all united, we could be so much stronger together. Until that happens, I am afraid things will stay the same.
I am proud to be the daughter of hard-working immigrants who taught me to be proud of my culture. I am first generation Mexican-American, and I wouldn’t wish to be anything else.

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About the Contributor
Yajaira is a junior this year at Coronado. She enjoys reading books, listening to music, and writing. She is looking forward to passing the SATS and getting done with them. Yajaira is very passionate about animals, nature, and traveling. She cannot wait for what this year has in store for her.

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