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The Student News Site of Coronado High School

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The Student News Site of Coronado High School

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Why is College So Stressful to High School Seniors?

Common App Homepage: Colleges are now moving applications towards a common app that’s linked to schools for an easier common place to apply for college.

In this world, there are numerous opportunities available for seniors, and both seniors and their support systems need to acknowledge and understand that it is okay to not have all the answers, as Mr. Holm and District Eleven strive to emphasize, the diversity of post-secondary education options besides just college, like joining the military, going to a trade school, career start, pursuing culinary education, and more.

These options present the best and the worst scenarios for graduating seniors. Offering this variety of after-graduation plans helps students discover what they want to do and helps students find a career that they love. However, the options can look daunting to many. “Students have the world in their hands after graduation. The hardest part is deciding what to do,” explains Mr. Holm, Coronado’s Senior Counselor.

Mr. Holm works with 300-plus seniors to create individual plans for each senior for their years after graduation. Currently, “the biggest stress on seniors is the unknown; the unknown is scary, and a lot of the seniors don’t have a great idea of what next year looks like.” Each student at Coronado is unique, with different aspirations for life, which is why Mr. Holm prioritizes creating unique plans to meet each senior’s specific needs.

The majority of the senior class has no idea about their future plans, and parents and society significantly contribute to the stress seniors face, expecting them to attend a 4-year college and have a definitive plan set in place. It is a common misconception that seniors need to have their entire life planned out and a definite path to follow graduation. Success is not tied to having a rigid plan laid out. According to The University of Tulsa, the average college student changes their major at least three times.

It is extremely common for seniors to graduate without having a complete plan set in place and that is. The transition from high school to the next step in life is a journey; therefore, embrace the uncertainty and step forward with confidence, knowing that not having all the answers is not a limitation, but a recognition of life’s potential.

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Erica is a senior at Coronado High School; she is a Coronado Yearbook's Editor-In-Chief, is on the Varsity Volleyball team, and devotes her time to sports photography. Erica will be attending Kansas State University in the fall to pursue a News & Sports Media degree with the dream of becoming a sports journalist/photographer.

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