Dartanian Layman: Coronado’s Premier Firefighter

Dartanian is a graduating senior at Coronado who is looking to be a firefighter


Dartainian Layman

Dylan Reeder, Staff Writer

Dartanian Layman is a graduating senior at Coronado and a student of Fire Science at PPCC. He spends five hours a day, five days a week learning how to become a firefighter. He is only at Coronado for his 6th and 7th periods. When asked what classes at Coronado had helped him when becoming a firefighter he said “Definitely four years of honors science” as that has a lot to do with the job,(strategically dealing with the fires and the best way to take them out). He also mentioned taking human anatomy as that could help him with the dealing of deaths or injured people on the job. Being a firefighter is not all about putting out the fires, a lot of it is knowing how to help or save the citizens in need. When asked if he had done any sports or clubs at Coronado that has helped him in his career path he said he had done nothing in Coronado but has done MMA on the side. He says this had definitely helped him physically when becoming a firefighter, as it is a very physically demanding job. When asked why he chose the career path of being a firefighter he said “Everyone is eventually going to have a bad day… I just want to be someone that can help”. When asked how PPCC was helping him physically and mentally become a firefighter, he said how in class they had really focused on the mental side of the becoming a firefighter. They talk about dealing with death on the job, and how they can maintain their ego, and obviously the actual firefighting portion of the job. When I asked him if there was anything he had wished he had done differently, he said he wished he had taken a psychology class at Coronado. He said it really would have given him an advantage in the classes as it is a big part of being a firefighter. I then asked him if he had any other comments when he said: “become a firefighter.” He says contrary to common belief, there is actually a lack of firefighters, not only in Colorado Springs but in the US. He encourages anyone to become a firefighter, or at least try it as it is a very rewarding career.