Remembering Micah Flick

Micah Flick was an 11 year officer who was killed do to a senseless act against law enforcement


Dylan Reeder, Staff Writer


Colorado has lost its 3rd police officer this year, this time Micah Flick, an officer who was killed on 2/5, his 11th anniversary of service. The officer was part of a raid on an unnamed 19 year old, who was the suspect of a vehicle theft. The officer was 34 years old and left behind two 7 year old twins. Flick is already the 3rd officer in Colorado killed since 12/31, an alarming statistic for civilians and officers alike. Three other officers and a civilian were also wounded in the shootout, as well as the male suspect who was announced dead. The shootout was across the street from Mitchell High School at an apartment complex.


Coronado student Elijah Border is a freshman who wants to become a police officer and whose father is a police officer. “I have a sense for justice, I want to do what I can to help the community,” said Border of why he wants to join law enforcement. As the son of a police officer, this latest death hits a little closer to home for Border than for many others, “It’s crazy, all of the things officers do for this community and this still goes on… It definitely makes an impact with my dad being a officer.” Border said, however,  “[the killings don’t] make me reconsider it [being a police officer]… If you want to be a police officer, you have to be willing to die for the right cause”. Border says he thinks police officers get a bad reputation for doing their jobs and it is hard for some people to understand the pressure officers are under.


Senator Michael Bennet called the incident a “senseless act against law enforcement who put their lives on the line to protect our communities.” Governor John Hickenlooper said in a statement that, following Flick’s death, “there’s no denying the grave impact this sequence of shootings is having on our state…we will once more come together to provide sympathy and strength for the deputy’s loved ones and pray for those injured.” The Governor also called citizens to express their appreciation of those in law enforcement, saying, “we must also come together to say enough is enough. We want each officer, every deputy, to know we are grateful for their service.” “Deputy Flick was an outstanding member of my agency and he will be missed,” said Colorado Springs Sheriff Bill Elder. 


The funeral for Officer Flick was on 2/10, at northern Colorado Springs’ New Life Church. Thousands of people lined up in the freezing cold to show their gratitude for Flick and officers everywhere while the funeral procession traversed Powers Blvd.


Donations to Flick’s family may be sent to 1980 Dominion Way, Ste. 200, Colorado Springs, CO, 80918.