Sweet Dreams…Or Maybe Not.


Avery Ritch, Staff Writer

Ever had one of those awful dreams where you slept through an exam for a class you forgot to attend all year? Maybe not, but as finals near, the anxiety levels increase, and that can trigger some pretty terrifying nightmares for some students. Anxiety around school and grades is a common thing among most, and it’s also (unfortunately) common for this anxiety to manifest as dreams, which yes, can occur years after graduating. Why do these dreams occur and what does it mean? I asked ten current students if they’d had these dreams before and 7 of them said yes! The number was pretty shocking, especially since some of them didn’t seem to have a care in the world, especially about school!

Some common dreams these people have had about school include (but are not limited to) not being able to find a classroom and/or being late to class, having to go back to school or back a few grade levels, failing a quiz or test that your life depended on (seemingly), and of course, the infamous “I forgot to wear pants wtf” dream. Dreams definitely work in strange ways, and we may never know how, but wake up and smell the roses Coronado, you’re late to class!