The Power of PPLD

This new program gives D11 students the POWER to PASS their classes this school year.

The Power of PPLD

Raven Sanchez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

The end of the first quarter is rapidly approaching, and students are feeling much more used to being back in an academic mindset again. Quarter two begins on October 16th, and right now students are feeling calm. Sadly, this relaxed state will not last forever. The research papers, tests, quizzes, and projects will come in one massive wave because midterms are coming!


Midterms can be stressful, especially for students who have a full schedule of classes. What many students do not realize about midterms, though, is the abundance of resources they have available to them that can help ease their stress. 


One of these resources is not the most well known because it is new to District 11 students this year. The Pikes Peak Library District that runs throughout our city can be a phenomenal resource for students to utilize, but not everyone can get to their nearest library to physically select books or pick them up every night. Not only that, but library cards do come with a cost that not everyone can afford. 


D11 found a way to change that and provide more resources for students. As of August 26th, all students have free access to library materials through the district. Students have what is considered a Digital Powerpass Card, which gives them access to more than just research resources. This card gives them access to all of the resources PPLD has to offer, both electronically and physically. Students can get anything from homework help and essay checks to SAT practices and Ebooks with this card. Students are also able to check out five items at a time with this card. 


Not only do students have access to all the academic resources that they could ever need, they have access to resources they can use anytime. Students can browse their music library, stream movies and shows through free online streaming services, and download songs that they can keep in their own specific song library. 


With the ability to check out five resources and get help from a variety of resources, students can feel more relaxed. Stress is often something that gets in the way of students doing the best that they can, but this newfound relaxation may just help students to excel when it comes to this year’s midterms. 


Students cannot avoid or stop midterms from happening, but by utilizing the link below they can make their lives easier. Best of luck to all Coronado Students in successfully completing their first midterms of the 2019-2020 school year!


Click here to learn more and set up an account: