Tennis Team Going to Regionals!


Spencer Stepp, Staff Writer

With the end of the tennis season drawing nearer, Coronado’s tennis team in cracking down. With one final official meet on October 3rd against Discovery Canyon with Varsity playing here at home and JV playing away. There is a bit of uncertainty around any meets after this and before regionals. Regionals will be taking place on October 8th and 9th. After that, the State Matches will take place on October 17th through the 19th.


Throughout the season, the tennis team has had much success, and are well on their way to regionals!  In the past few weeks, Coronado tennis has beaten Rampart, Fountain-Fort Carson, Doherty, Palmer, Pueblo, and Liberty.


 In a recent interview, Grayson Graham (12), captain of the team said, “We’ve got a good young group of guys who love to work hard and love to have fun.”  In terms of goals for the season, “Our goal for the season is to get everyone to state this year.”


In terms of regionals, Grayson feels that the team is well prepared, and thinks that they’ve got a shot. “We’ve shown throughout the season that we will do well at regionals,” and that the team is extremely ready to take on the competition.


Other bright points on the team include Riley Fredell (12)  and Jackson Shaeffer (11) who are constantly doing well in their matches. Among the other players, there is a lot of camaraderie, and a lot of the team is centered around having fun. Aside from fun though, tennis players are some of Coronado’s most dedicated athletes and put so much work into the sport that they play.


Support is a big part of the sport this late in the season. Even though Regionals are during school, you can still show your support for the team. If you see a tennis player in the hall, offer some words of encouragement. Plenty of the players would be happy to get some support before regionals. 


Let’s all wish our Tennis team well in their future and present endeavors. This late in the season, it is great to have supporters, so go out and support the tennis team if you can. Go Cougars!