Cheerleaders Going to State

Lauren Strizich, Staff Writer

Cheerleading has made it to State! They have worked hard and will compete on December 6, 2019, at the Denver Coliseum. Many are aware that cheerleading cheers at basketball games and football games, but they are regarded as their own individual sport. They have competitions that all lead up to State competition. Our cheerleaders are very excited to have qualified, again, for the State competition. They have worked hard this season and could use all the support as they head to Denver!

The team only has two competitions before state. They practice in the “mornings, afternoons, and sometimes on the weekends.” They hold many practices in order to prepare for State and the other competitions they have.

Alayna Martinez, a sophomore, is going into her “first state performance” tomorrow. Although the team went to state last year, she was unable to complete because she injured her arm. She is “really excited because it’s [her] first state performance.” Getting the opportunity to go to state is a very exciting one and she is beyond grateful to get the chance to perform!

The team is beyond excited to perform! It is amazing to watch a team come together and go on to State! We are beyond proud of the work you have done to get where you are. Good luck at state ladies!