Students: Support CHS Basketball This Season!

Come see all six teams crush their competition one swish at a time.


Raven Sanchez, Editor-In-Chief

While Coronado has many exceptional Winter Sports Teams, it seems like Basketball always seems to be one of the biggest. Both Girls and Boys Basketball take place during this time of the year, so there are always numerous statistics being created that are often missed. Therefore, it is very easy to lose track of them and not be able to know how CHS’s Basketball teams are doing. So far, all six basketball teams have been playing their hardest this season, and the results of their efforts are phenomenal.

Boys Varsity has started off this season a bit rocky, but they are not going down without a fight. They currently stand 3-12 in their season and manage to get a whopping average of 57.4 points per game! Their last game was a loss against Rampart, but their final score of 60-86 definitely shows that both teams are determined to win. Two strong teams playing head to head definitely make for an immensely entertaining and enthralling game. Their next game will hopefully be captivating as well, and students can see it January 29th at 7:00 p.m. It will be a home game against Pine Creek, and they need all the support they can get to make this game a win!

Girls Varsity and Boys Varsity are starting off their seasons the same way because they both have a 3-12 standing. Their Rampart game was a win with a score of 62-40, and they soared well above their average amount of points per game. Their last game against Cheyenne Mountain has no available score at this time, but our Lady Cougars probably crushed their competition. If anyone wants to show their support, they can come see our wonderful Varsity Girls play Pine Creek on January 29th. This will be a home game, and the game will begin at 5:30 p.m.

Our JV Boys Team is starting their season off slowly, but they are really working to perfect their playing and are preparing to really fight to the top. Their last game was a loss against Rampart, and the final score was 41-86 for this game; luckily, they have plenty of chances to win this season. Their next game is a January 29th at 4:00 home game in the main gym, and it will be played against Pine Creek.

The JV Girls Team is at a 0-6 standing, but they are really posing to be a challenge. Their 32-38 score from their last game shows that these girls are fierce competitors, and all of the students watching these fantastic players this season can hardly wait to see them give it everything they can. Their next game is against Pine Creek; it will be held on January 29th and begins at 4 here at Coronado. Come and support these determined players, Cougars!

Both the Boys and Girls Freshmen Teams are playing a home game against Pine Creek on January 29th at home. Both games will start at 5:30, and these up and coming Basketball stars are playing to win. The Boys Team won their last game with a score of 29-60, ad they are at a 2-5 standing. The Lady Cougars lost their last game with a score of 22-49, but their 2-3 standing shows that they are determined to win big this season!
All of our Basketball players are doing fantastic this season and need all the support that CHS can give! Best of luck to all of the teams this season!