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The Student News Site of Coronado High School

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The Student News Site of Coronado High School

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A New Freshman Class Comes with New Challenges

Students broke the sink in the girl’s bathroom during the school day.

Each year the seniors agree that “the freshmen this year are the worst yet” stated Sophia Hegler, Class of 2024. “Yes, the freshmen are literally ruining everything!” said Mackenzie Brown, Class of 2024. The incoming class of 2027 is full of 330 students; surely, they all can’t be bad. The problems come from “about 10% of the freshman class” mentioned Robert Lizarraga, Dean of Students.
When asked what made this freshman class stand out to be the worst, Mackenzie mentioned the new rule about how every student “need[s] a [hall] pass whenever leaving the classroom or its direct lunch detention.” This is all due to the freshmen skipping class and hanging out in the hallways.
Even eating lunch outside was banned for students because kids were abusing their privilege and trashing the campus. Many upperclassmen are upset about these rules: “It’s not fair to us seniors! Why should we have to pay for the actions of the Freshman?” Mackenzie is right, only 10% of the freshman class is ruining it for the rest of the 1,000 students who attend Coronado.
Freshman students are not only disobeying and enforcing stricter rules here at Coronado but also vandalizing the bathrooms during school hours by kicking stall doors off, breaking sinks, and throwing trash all over the floor.
All the security guards agreed that this isn’t as bad as it gets and that they’ve seen worse. They talked about a couple of years ago when a TikTok trend was going around where students would steal everything out of the school bathrooms. “There wasn’t much we could do; we caught some students when we searched their backpacks but otherwise a lot weren’t caught.” Mr. Guillaume Peaux one of the school security guards mentioned. “We tried removing the soap entirely, but many didn’t notice.”
Even if this freshman class isn’t as bad as it could be, they are still disrupting the learning environment of Coronado and helping to enforce rules on all the students who attend Coronado. This rule enforcement creates a larger job for security guards and teachers because now they must be more aware of whether students have hall passes, be careful to let students out to the bathrooms, and even monitor if students are eating out in the courtyard. Even though upperclassmen are against these new rules, they are helping to keep the campus cleaner and safer for all students and staff.

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Erica Merz, Staff Writer
Erica is a senior at Coronado High School; she is a Coronado Yearbook's Editor-In-Chief, is on the Varsity Volleyball team, and devotes her time to sports photography. Erica will be attending Kansas State University in the fall to pursue a News & Sports Media degree with the dream of becoming a sports journalist/photographer.

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