PDA? No Way!


Evelyn Gillum, Staff Writer

To indirectly quote Mr. Thomas, “I don’t know what it is about the fluorescent lights and crowded hallways that gets all the kids going and wanting to make out”.

If you’ve ever tried getting anywhere in Coronado’s hallways, you understand the frustration of maneuvering through kids trying to get in their lockers, groups of 4 or more people stopped in corners having conversations, and arguably the worst of all, couples making out.

We know, we know, 2 class periods is such a long time to go without seeing your significant other. But there’s a time and a place, and the hallways during passing period isn’t the time nor the place.

In today’s day and age, consent is a big issue the world struggles with. And believe it or not, consent doesn’t only involve its participants. It also involves all of the people forced to watch you make out, while blocking the only path through the hallways.

Giving and receiving affection is the best way we, as humans, can show others how much we care about them. Instead of playing tongue hockey in the hallways, here are some other forms of affection that are appropriate while your in school.

Hugging: Hugging can be just as, if not more, affectionate and meaningful as kissing, but it’s a little bit more appropriate considering your location. When you go to give someone a hug goodbye, pay attention to your surroundings, don’t just stop in the middle of the hallway. Hugs should also not be any longer than 10 seconds.

High Five/ Hand Shake: A high five or hand shake isn’t as affectionate as hugging, but it shows your significant other that you’re proud of them and excited to be working with them. Giving someone a quick high five can be something you share with just that person too. Over time, it will begin to gain meaning. It’s similar to an inside joke or a word or phrase that only meaning something to the few people it involves.

Borrowing Sweatshirts: This is common to see from highschool girls, but gentlemen, I encourage you to defy gender roles and wear a girl’s sweatshirt. Wearing the clothes of someone who is special to you makes it feel almost as if you are hugging them. Clothes can sometimes smell like their owner too (which is hopefully a good smell– if not, washing their clothes before returning them is always a kind gesture) which only enhances the feeling of being with them.

I encourage you all to use these tips and tricks next time in the hallways, when the fluorescent ceiling lights hit your partner just right, making the urge to kiss them stronger than ever. With that being said, stay classy, Coronado.