Book Crisis?

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Book Crisis?

Derek Hernandez, Staff writer

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Going into the library the first thing you’ll notice is an absence of bookshelves, instead you see a new open space. Some of you may have also heard of rumors created around this event.

You might have heard stories of the library removing all of their books, but this is entirely false.

“We are librarians at heart, we love books,” said Caitlin Garrison, the school’s literary data assistant and the head of the project.

It is true that many books were removed from the library, but this was due to their age making them very outdated and uninteresting to current students. Though this information may seem devastating, the library quickly counteracted it by putting in a $5000 book order to replace the old ones.

This space is supposed to be something to improve the Coronado community and make it come together . There is even a mention of plans to remove the old tables to add in more compact ones, so they could open up the space and host events such as open mics.

“It looks scary right now. It’s not scary; its using the space better,” says Caitlin Garrison.

So no, the library isn’t converting into a full time computer lab and pulling a  Fahrenheit 451 on all of the books, they are just improving the space to make the library better for everyone. If you want more information about the plan, go read the article written by Mohss Elaine titled, Library Funds to Make the Library More Fun! or go talk to Mrs. Garrison yourself.